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Contact Quarterly's Webtexts

Webtexts is a new feature on CQ's website. Here you will find a selection of full-length (lightly edited/unabridged) submissions to the paper magazine, unedited transcripts of their current interviews, and timely submissions that we simply had no room to print.  To kick it off CQ has published a previously published interview with Nancy Stark Smith Harvest: One History of Contact Improvisation, a talk given by Nancy Stark Smith at the International Contact Festival Freiburg, Germany, 2005(from back issue CQ Vol. 31 no.2)  Check it out and sign up and become a subscribing or virtual member of CQ to read more.

CI36 report

CI36 was a great success.  With satellite events still happening around the world all summer, there are still a myriad of ways to celebrate!  My experience was a rich contextualizing of where we are right now in the history of CI.  With classes, talks, panel discussions, a gallery, performances, teacher's track, a store, a reference/archive room, and of course a multitude of jams, the event was "jam" packed, festive, informative, rejuvenating, and at times a bit overwhelming.  With Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, and many of the original pioneers of the form present as well as dozens of teachers from around the world, the event had a palpable sense of the legacy and generosity that this form has shared.  The Global Underscore, the 36 minute stand, and the 36 hour pass-the-dance offered ways to connect with the global community and to the foundations of CI as a practice.  The question of the week: Next - CI47???   Happy Birthday CI!

The CI36 website continues to be an active resource for satellite events and networking to the global community.