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Transglobal Duets

Can a Contact dance be done from opposite sides of the globe?!  Well, here are two dancers who have committed to dancing together each month wherever they happen to be.  The photograph documentation of these dances show some amazing coincidence and synchronicities.  Here's what the dancers have to say about their project:

"A movement duet each month in the same moment from different sides of the world. Over 30 minutes an improvisation develops in response to each environment as well as images/movements/presences that arise from awareness of each other being (t)here. Each month we choose a different location which will have similarities in atmosphere or form."

Dancers: Miriam Keye & Anne-Marie Culhane

Photos by: James Newitt and Jo Salter
Cremourne, Tasmania  &  Saltfleet Beach, Lincolnshire, UK

Field Notes from dance on April 24, 2007 (pictured above) :
"...I found it difficult to focus clearly - maybe because its early in the morning! – again, it feels enough that you are there, being there, sharing these full moments, just walk beside me and be my friend reminds me of St.Exupery quote “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction” is this enough for a duet? It brings up some of my thoughts and questions about contact improvisation – what is contact? and my persistent feeling of rebellion at contact jams to explore other forms of contact and 'being with' other than touching skin, just to see.. Is intention and allowing space for each other enough? "

- Anne-Marie Culhane

"Walking in circles.
Joining her in a rock crevice, huddling under together, pushing off the wall of it with my feet.
No edges.
We are opposite each other and as we face each other we each cover as much ground as we can without moving far from the spot, reaching all around from the central point.
Hold her face.
Anguish when I feel I have nothing left to say, I can’t feel her any longer, I am lost, isolated, abandoned- “where are you? We haven’t finished yet?” torment, just want to be still, so tormented, tension building up, pulling and pushing into and out from my limbs against each other and sliding off each other sending mre reeling, until I am totally empty, still, spent… I stop, leave the space and ahhhhhhh, it’s 25 minutes over time….. had she already gone, is that why I could not feel her…."

- Miriam Keye

transglobal duet picture
Photos by: Bruce Hooke and Jo Salter
Earth Dance, Plainfield, MA, USA  &  Sihl River, Zurich, Switzerland

Field Notes from dance on December 31, 2006 (pictured above):
"Sun in the South West, it’s a warm day in Winter. Flock of birds and a plane cross paths in a pool of water – a wave of sadness passes through me.
The texture of the bridge wall – the texture of my cracked lip are the same
Perching on a knotted clump of muddied grass stems, a tussock, nest– I look up and see someone looking down over the railings of the bridge. I feel presence behind me, embracing me and then peeling spines together, then hands with mine.

I’m moving my hands, bird like fingers coarse, then claws vibrating. There are people all around me, walking over me, in the park, by the road, I can see a few seconds of their shadows. I’m here. Pebbles and stones. Anna, sits cross legged still to my right, reminding me to stay still, simple. Still you, or Merav being (t)here in from the North West in this backwater of the
Dancing with the rock. Shall I shan’t I?.. I can’t resist, are you ready?
Splash! It’s my ending.
Tiddlers swarm back and forward over their bed of pickled leaves"
- Anne-Marie Culhane

So so beautiful
The birds, the wind, a leaf full of snow
A branch dropping its snowy package onto me
Showering me with purity and strength
Connected with the land
Sometimes feeling the earth turn
Feeling time turn
the spin at the end of the rock
Holding A-M’s face, smiling, sparkling eyes and shining happiness
Running, hopping and jumping through the trees
Across the lake in Zurich
Mum with her hand in water on the sofa
Bev washing up?
Kalyan at the train station
Becky and Jo by the sea
Michelle and Steno in the bath
Rebekah dancing in Ayreshire
The trees are cold
Colder than I thought
The ground is safer… and also less safe
The sun greets me well
I feel complete, loved and with
i hear the rock splash in the water,
and i know this is bruce`s signal for me to end

- Miriam Keye

Andrew Harwood, Ray Chung, Rossella Fiumi, and Gabriella Maiorino
at Zipfestival 2006

video pic