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Bared Soles Launches Website

Bared Soles
, a New York City based organization started by dancers Jolyn Arisman and Jovanina Pagano, creates events from exuberant dance parties and contact improvisation jams to Afro-Caribbean dance classes and creative movement workshops.  They've just launched their website which details their events and workshops and includes some great video footage of workshops, and site specific dancing.  Below is a link to the videos.  My personal favorites are "Pit Stops part I, II, and III" :

"What happens when a bunch of dancers tour the service plazas of the Jersey Turnpike? Bared Soles goes on location to find out!"

Video link

At Bared Soles the Contact Jams are "unique among other NYC improv jams, these events always include collaboration with other art forms, such as the live improvisations of world-renowned composers or the word play of spoken word artists. Our vision is to create a living, breathing, piece of art, an interaction and reaction that takes everyone into new realms."


Vancouver Jam Photos
A Photo Montage Video of The North Vancouver Contact Jam - Photos by Philip Clement
Click on the image to watch

Contact Improvisation _ Vancouver Jam