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March 2008


CI36 (contact Improv's 36th Birthday celebration this June) has a fantastic website up now with information, registration, photo & video sharing, community chat groups, public blog, and more.  Check it out and come to celebrate in Pennsylvania or one of many satellite events around the world.

Also, the CI36 gallery curation team and the reference room curators are looking for submissions:

All painters, photographers, sculptors, and other visual artists:
The Gallery curation team is looking for CI related artwork. All ye contactors and artists who have CI related artworks, and would like to donate or lend your work/s for an exhibition during the CI36 Celebration, please submit digital image of work (via email) to for consideration. All media works are welcome, even works in progress. The deadline for submission is April 15, 2008. Please include the name of artist/author, title and date of artwork, and a very brief description of the work.

All CI videographers, video archivists, film buffs:
The CI36 Reference Room curators are asking for YOUR HELP in gathering videos, films, DVDs of classes, performances, discussions, dance films related to/dealing with/about Contact Improvisation.  We are seeking video from the spectrum of Contact
Improvisation from videos of jams, classes, performances from all over the world, in any language. How has the form evolved in different parts of the world?  Are there regional styles?  How and what are people teaching?  How has Contact Improvisation informed and influenced work people are making?
Here’s how you can help:
-send us your videos- DVDs or VHS tapes.  Along with your video please include written info on who is dancing, where, when etc.
-send us any links for interesting CI related web pages.
-pass this message along to friends and encourage them to send us their videos
-translate this message into your local language
-post this message to your local list-serve or read it out loud at a jam
-send us recommendations of videos that we should solicit

We will be collecting materials between now and MAY 1, 2008, so please send out your submissions asap.  If you are concerned that we may already have some of the items, you can check with us via email (see below.)  It is preferable that you send copies of your materials that do not need to be returned, as the materials gathered for the CI36 reference library will eventually be donated to the New York Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center as an archive of CI history. However, if you do want to share something that you
need back, then please include self addressed envelope with postage and handling for the return.  Formats to send - DVD and VHS NTSC preferred - DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS. Any questions?  Email Andrew Wass at 
Send your DVDs and VHS tapes to Andrew Wass, 378 Belmont St. #6, Oakland, Ca 94610 USA

THANK YOU for contributing to what we hope will be the most comprehensive archive of CI writings and videos in the world, an incredible resource for generations of dancers to come!