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Camellia Nieh

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Contact: Lookout Arts Quarry

246 Old Hwy 99N
Bellingham, WA, 98229,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Camellia Nieh is a multimedia artist based at the Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, WA. She is passionate about CI as a laboratory to explore our connection to the body, to Self and Other, creativity, trust, nonverbal communication, touch, expression, openness, presence, listening, and the ability to access flow state with other beings. She is also fascinated by the alchemy of blending principles of CI with other movement and healing arts, including acro yoga, aquatic dance, music improvisation, and physical theater. Camellia conducts movement research and creates performance and workshops with her dance partner Wonder at the Lookout Arts Quarry.

Christian Swenson

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Contact: Christian Swenson

1617 30th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98122,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

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CHRISTIAN SWENSON is a Seattle-based performing artist who articulates his enthusiasm for life with his body and voice. A specialist in the "art of bewilderment", he is more at home off the trail, barefoot and beyond words. His pioneering "Human Jazz" work (an improvised fusion of singing, acting and dancing) has been seen throughout this country and in Europe, Japan and Nepal. In 1977 he received a B.A. in Theater from the University of New Hampshire and moved to Seattle to apprentice with the Bill Evans Dance Company. Further training has included work with: Tony Montanaro; Ruth Zapora; Korean shaman, Hi-ah Park, and with the late Pakistani master singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Christian has received Fellowships from The National Endowment for the Arts, Washington State Arts Commission and Artist Trust of Washington.


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WA, 98225,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Artist Statement
As a dance artist, I am inspired by movement generated from interaction with the environment. Watching, listening, and fortifying relationships, I explore the unique bonding force of movement that creates a web of relatedness. With gratitude towards experience, I learn from the past and move towards the future.

Dance Art Group

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Contact: lila hurwitz

PO Box 22513
Seattle, WA, 98122,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Dance Art Group (DAG) promotes the practice and appreciation of improvisational dance in Seattle. We produce the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI) and other workshops and events throughout the year.

Joseph Hofer

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Contact: Isabelle's Dance Time

4120 S. Sullivan Rd.
Veradale, WA, 99037,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

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Julie Freyberg

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Contact: Julie Freyberg

WA, ,


I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Maureen Freehill

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Port Townsend, WA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

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Began CI as a child with Dance New England community. Now 30-some years later--after living in Japan, studying and performing with Kazuo Ohno-- I teach and perform mostly Butoh and have begun a marriage between Butoh and CI along with my meditation practice. It is a delightful and continutally blossoming investigation. I reglarly teach Butoh-CI workshops in WA, CO, AZ and NM....and would be happy to expand that when called. Blessings and Love, momo


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Seattle, WA, 98115,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

nala walla

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360 643.3747

Contact: nala walla

po box 171
nordland, WA, 98358,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

nala walla is a transdisciplinary performer, teacher and activist, noted for her work in merging the arts with deep ecology, permaculture and earth activism. she is a founding member of the Bcollective, a rural off-grid homestead hosting community building events, skillshares and workshops.

Noam Paco Gaster

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206 3075934

Contact: Noam Paco Gaster

1511 E. Alder St.
Seattle, WA, 98122,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Noam Paco Gaster has been practicing contact improvisation for 12 years. He's had the fortune to study with a wide variety of master teachers, including Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson, and Kathleen Hermesdorf. He's also studied butoh, modern dance, action theater, and clowning. He's the artistic director of Bee Hear Now Productions, Silly Raindrop Children's Theater, and the Learning Tree "Not-Yet-Ready-for-Bedtime-Players." He has written, directed, and acted in productions of theater and dance in diverse locations throughout North, Central, and South America. His favorite thing to do is pay attention. Feel free to remind him of this frequently.

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