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Adam J. Griff

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Contact: GriffMonster, LLC


I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Need a contact teacher to come to your area. Teach CI people, general dancers wanting to learn CI, business wanting to improve work environment and worker communication, and more. At your disposal. Also available for relationship and financial coaching. Oh yeah, need high end computer "stuff" from a PhD - I do that as well.

Alicia Grayson

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155 Cumberland Gap Rd

155 Cumberland Gap Rd
Nederland, CO, 80466,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

I have been passionately involved with?dancing, teaching and performing CI for the past 27 years. I have taught contact improvisation as an adjunct faculty at George Washington University, University of Denver, Naropa University and Shenandoah University. I teach CI, yoga and pilates classes in Boulder and regularly travel nationally and internationally to teach. Authentic movement, yoga and meditation are important influences on my dancing and teaching. I am a long term member of Tumblebones Contact Improvisation Collective, a core member of the Boulder Contact Lab and a co-organizer of the Moab Jam. As a registered psychotherapist and certified Hakomi therapist I work with clients in somatic psychotherapy and movement education.

angela schuster

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PO Box 482
boulder, CO, 80306,

15 years of dancing CI and I continue to love the exploration, the community, the dance.

Annie Brook

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5412 Idylwild Tral
Boulder, CO, 80301,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Annie Brook, author of Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering, From Conception to Crawling. Annie is a Somatic geek, lover of movement learning and the heartful sharing that happens through CI.

Play and movement inquiry are my joys. I teach contact using principles of Body-Mind Centering and Somatic Psychology. Using the infant developmental principles including embryological gestures, gives solid safety and integration to contact.

Happy to teach in your area, as I love meeting new contact folks. Also, looking at traveling abroad to teach. If interested, give me a shout.

Best, Annie

Barry Dunn

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303 717 6111

85 Forrest Lane
Boulder, CO, 80302,

Blurbing (blurb moving)


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Boulder, CO, 80302,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Gretchen Spiro

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914 Pine Glade Road
Nederland, CO, 80466,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

I am one of the organizers of the First Friday CI Jam in Boulder, and am the founder of Tumblebones Contact Improvisation Collective. I am also the co-organizer of the annual Moab Jam-which is a workshop and jam in an incredible location. I've been involved in CI teaching, investigating and performing since 1983. I still really love it.

Hadley Mays

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CO, 80303,


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Contact: IO DesignBuild

324 Orchard
Paonia, CO, 81428,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

I primarilly dance with the Boulder Contact Lab. I live on the Western Slope of Colorado, and organize local Labs and Jams in Carbondale and Paonia Colorado.

I travel often for work, but when in town can host out of town dancers and passers-through from the community.

J. Akiyama

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720 445-5664


Boulder, CO,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Offering contact improvisation classes, jams, and workshops in Boulder, CO.

Jessica Damon

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1328 17th Street #4
Boulder, CO, 80302,

Dancer, teacher, pilates instructor. "I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing." - Hillel


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Durango, CO, 81301,

Kai Hu

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Boulder, CO, 80308,

Discover your own unique path to happiness ...

Kristine Whittle

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Lindsay Sworski

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Contact: Moving Presence

1044 Maxwell Ave. #2
Boulder, CO, 80304,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Hello friends! I am a Core organizing member of the Boulder Contact Lab and teach various movement/awareness workshops locally/internationally ( I'm also one of 3 organizers of the annual Colorado Strawberry Contact Jam ( Bring me to your town for a workshop, or come dance with us here in Boulder!

Lucien Renjilian-Burgy

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Boulder, CO, 80304,

I dance with Tumblebones ( and am a Core member for the weekly contact jam in Boulder, Colorado. Come to Boulder and dance with us!

Michele Lewis

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Lakewood, CO, 80226,

Morgan Stanfield

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Contact: Boulder Contact Lab

2126 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO, 80301,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

Hi, friends. I'm a cofounder and facilitator of Boulder Contact Lab. I teach drop-in fundamentals classes at Lab as needed and orient new dancers to the physical and social basics of CI. I get excited about teaching people of all sizes, dis/abilities, orientations, and backgrounds, and I believe that CI is literally for every body. If you're interested in CI with disabilities, or want to discuss sexuality, trauma, body size diversity, and other psychosocial issues in CI, don't hesitate to contact me. I've been practicing CI for 15 years and teaching since 2002.

Rebecca Bradley

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Lafayette, CO, 80026,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Interested in what CI has to teach us about human relationships. Introduced to the form 7 years ago, have been engaged in it since, but with a higher degree of commitment and intention the last 3 years. Will be teaching the fundamentals at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica this Fall.

Rob McWilliams

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Contact: Certified Advanced Rolfer

PO 1004
Boulder, CO, 80306,

coming to Portland for Rolfing training ( somatic experiencing ideas applied to Rolfing sessions)

Sarah Allen

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970 769-0721

Contact: Sarah Allen

P.O. Box 1085
Mancos, CO, 81328,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Sue Lauther

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222 E Columbia St.
Colorado Springs, CO, 80907,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Contact me for dances or teaching.
We can work 1:1 or as a group.
I have access to space!
Let's dance.

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