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Ali Woolwich

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Contact: Humilityswim Dance Media

San Francisco, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Regular workshops and CI videowork info on Humilityswim Dance Media website. HDM produces SF CI Series every Tuesday, Class 6:30-8:30pm, Jam 8:30-11:30pm. $15 Class, $18 Class and Jam, $5 Jam.

Alyssa DeCaro

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415 971-6452

Contact: Opening Presence

1407 39th Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94122,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

amadea bailey

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3918 Alla Rd
los angeles, CA, 90066,

Amanda Greenlee

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427 Locust ST
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060,

Amy Impellizzeri

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Contact: Elemental Balance


I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Ari Bigeleisen

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1711 Stuart St.
Berkeley, CA, 94703,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

I've been practicing contact improv intermittently for almost ten years, and a couple years ago helped to organize the first Contact Camp at Burning Man. I also have studied performative modern dance technique, a few forms of Hatha Yoga, and assorted martial arts. I have taught Contact Improv classes for free; but I would not consider myself a qualified teacher.


Send asya a message

(818) 667-6929

mar vista, CA, 90066,

Chelsea Taylor

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(805) 705-6469

2535 30th Ave.
San Francisco, CA, 94116,

christine marshall

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649 laguna point court
chula vista, CA, 91911,

Christopher Todd

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137 Sadowa Street
San Francisco, CA, 94112,

Reaching out to learn more...

cinzia Gloekler

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415 2150471

CA, 94610,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

dan bear davis

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208 vista bella dr
santa cruz, CA, 95060,

Dan Zemelman

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930 Grayson St
Berkeley, CA, 94710,

David Leake

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Venice, CA, 90291,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Ethan Feldman

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Harmony Gates

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151 Santa Rosa Ave. #D
Oakland, CA, 94610,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Harmony is pioneering somatic work she currently calls BodyRide. She uses interactive touch, movement, sound and breath, supporting others to have expanded experiences of themselves, so they can enjoy greater freedom of expression and action. She has found this work to be richly transformational for herself and others.

Heather Glabe

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881 Kansas St
San Francisco, CA, 94107,

InterKinected LLC

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Contact: rene alvarez

851 40th st
oakland, CA, 94608,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

dedicated to the advancement and investigation of Contact Improvisation


Send ISAN a message

(530) 903-6694

Contact: Aaron Jessup

1786 Filbert St.
San Francisco, CA, 94123,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Aside from teaching contact I am the founder of the Institute for the Study of Awareness in Nature (ISAN). We offer awareness-oriented backpacking trips, including those with a C.I. focus. Coming up in September 06: Sierra Wilderness Trek with Nita Litt

Jay Townsend

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Contact: Jay Townsend

430 Orange st.
oakland, CA, 94610,

I'm starting a band and I want to bring this art form into my act..I think!

jill russell

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504 Estrella D'oro # 1
monterey, CA, 93921,

Jones Welsh

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Contact: LA Improv Dance Festival

PO Box 241193
Los Angeles, CA, 90024,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Jones Welsh is a performer, administrator, and arts activist. Now the Institute Director at Diavolo Dance Theater (, setting up community outreach programs in Los Angeles, Jones also works with performing arts organization Not Man Apart - Physical Theatre Ensemble (, which produces the LA Improv Dance Festival, Somatic Movement Arts Festival, and Shakespeare Santa Monica.
Jones offers:
Adult Gymnastics Classes at Broadway Gymnastics School (
Trampoline at the Los Angeles locations of Trapeze School New York at the Santa Monica Pier (
Workshops and private instruction in Contact Improvisation and Dance

Judy Cohen

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559 Shotwell Street Apt. C
San Francisco, CA, 94110,

Karolyn Hanna

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(408) 710-8733

497 22nd Ave.
San Francisco, CA, 94121,

Katja Irvin

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San Jose, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Teach contact in Palo Alto with Karin Moriarty - Mixed-level classes and community-oriented jamming and performance

Kelly M Schindler

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78359 Terra Cotta Court
La Quinta, CA, 92253,

Kevin Herring

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8550 prunedale north rd
salinas, CA, 93907,

Kimberly Page

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Contact: Home

1372B Ballena Blvd
Apt B
Alameda, CA, 94501-3628,

Kira Maria Kirsch

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669 24th street B
Oakland, CA, 94612,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.


Kira Maria Kirsch, born in East-Berlin, studied modern dance and pedagogy at the conservatory of Vienna. She was granted with scholarships of t a n z p o o l and the Austrian Arts Council to deepen and further her movement studies and artistic activities. Among many others she studied with Frey Faust for seven years and is a certified Axis Syllabus instructor. Since 2004 she gets invited to lead wksps and classes in both dance technique and contact improv all around Europe and California. Most recently she performed in the works of Liyana Silver(US), Sara Shelton Mann(US), Erika Tsimbrovsky(RUS), Pipaluk Supernova/Half Machine(DK), PARTS and Frey Faust's ABCD Collective(EU). This year she started to collaborate with Hana Erdman(US) making own work. Dedicated to deconstruct aesthetics, critical movement research and finding through-and-through embodiment they presented their experiments at the 418 project (Santa Cruz) and at Moments Notice (Berkeley).

Leralee Whittle

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Nomadic, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

My teaching stresses the idea of developing a "relational body" that generates creative impulse as a response to being in relationship to others, the ground, inanimate objects, space and time.

Leralee Whittle danced and performed for 20 years, largely in the California Bay Area and now tours around the states teaching and performing. She is La Lee Lee Performance and co-director of Whittle and Sprawl multimedia. For over a decade, she worked extensively with Nita Little, one of the pioneers of CI and improvisational work. Leralee has taught Post Modern Dance, Contact Improvisation, Dance Improvisation, Embodiment Field, Wiggle Room-interdisciplinary dance workshop, Nita Little's Mind in Motion and creative dance workshops for communities.

Luna Baron

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Oakland, CA, 94608,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

Marcel Tyrone Barrick

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Maxima Kahn

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Grass Valley, CA, 95945,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

I lead a weekly class and jam in Grass Valley, CA in the Sierra Foothills, which I've been leading since Fall of 2005. We have a wonderful, warm-hearted group of about 20-30 folks in the community, with about 12 showing up on any given night, mixed levels. I also bring out-of-town teachers in to lead weekend workshops, and I'm available to travel and teach workshops. I've been studying CI since something like 1989, always learning and growing and loving it, and bringing in elements from other movement studies. In my teaching I focus on CI as an art/dance form, an awareness practice, a tool for self-revelation and self-change, and a source of endless fun and discovery. I tend to go more into the psychological and healing aspects of CI than other teachers I know. I would love to teach at festivals or do a workshop in your community.

My email address is: (the link above doesn't work!)

Michael Lueras

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Contact: step up on second

2422 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90019,

the life in you is god

Mihyun Lee

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426 Oak st
San Francisco, CA, 94102,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Milada Urban

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345 Lorton Ave
Burlingame, CA, 94010,

Nhan Ho

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Contact: sjDANCEco

4th Street & Paseo de San Antonio in Downtown San Jose
San Jose, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Contact IMPROV Jam

Hosted by Nhan Ho
When: Once a MONTH,
Dates: September 9th, 2011, October 7th, 2011, Upcoming Months: TBA
Times: 8-10pm (8-9pm Class, 9-10pm Jam)
Where: SJSU's Washington Square Hall 204

This Jam Session is an opportunity for dancers, musicians, and other artists to collaborate in an open space. There are no rules or structure for the evening. Just enjoy the process or be an audience. This venue was created to provide a space for artists who want to explore the endless possibilities of improv and contact improv. Feel free come and go as you wish. All ages and levels are welcome. Live accompanists and other artists is highly appreciated for the contribution of the evening. We hope to continue this Jam as an ongoing event monthly and that you will join us whenever you can. Thank you.

Nita Little

Send Nita Little a message


660 54th St. #4
Oakland, CA, 94609,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

I participated in the emergence and development of CI and have joyfully been dancing CI since before Steve Paxton gave it a name. I was the first ongoing CI teacher in the bay area - following our first west coast tour in the 1972 (with Steve, Nancy and Curt Siddall). I have just returned to the Bay and will be teaching workshops and classes here. I currently teach an on-going CI class at ODC in San Francisco (Sat 12:15 - 2:00) and I travel internationally on a regular basis. I am in the process of getting a PhD in performance studies from UC Davis. My dissertation on embodied states of attention in dance will become a book.

Nuria Latifa Bowart

Send Nuria Latifa Bowart a message

906 Hearst Ave
berkeley, CA, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Nuria was introduced to CI in high school at the age of 14. She has been dancing and teaching CI for more than 3 decades. Nuria is also a teacher of Capoeira (aka CM Marreta) and the Axis Syllabus. She has also been a certified Rolfer since 1997.


Send Onika a message

510 528-4050

2101 Los Angeles Ave.
Berkeley, CA, 94707,

Paul Edwards

Send Paul Edwards a message

760 805 5315

P.O Box 232665
Encinitas, CA, 92023,

Pipoca Clown Dance Theatre

Send Pipoca Clown Dance Theatre a message

415 595-5112

Contact: Pipo David Roe

735C Clayton St.
San Francisco, CA, 94117,

Quinton Bennett

Send Quinton Bennett a message


814 carmel
Albany, CA, 94706,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

I have been avidly practicing and teaching since the mid 90's. I have a strong technical background, mostly teach center to center lifting, catching, and falling of all kinds with much physicality and detail, I really enjoy detail.

Rana Satori

Send Rana Satori a message


Contact: Fairfax Contact jam

Fairfax, CA, 94930,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Rana is Founder of the Marin Contact Jam, Founding Artistic Director of the Shamanic Cheerleaders, a member of the clown company Fou Fou Ha!, a stiltwalker for Earth Circus and performs avidly around the Bay Area. She is also a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute and 2 year assistant teacher with Anna Halprin. Rana balances the structure and athleticism of contact improv with playful mindfulness to create a fun environment for learning.

Rosie Ueng

Send Rosie Ueng a message


2835 Ellsworth Street
Berkeley, CA, 94705,


Send SARAH a message

510 234 3904

Contact: Sarah Spector Painting, Soul Harbinger Visionary Reading

RICHMOND, CA, 94805,

Professional painter of small- to large-scale, vivid abstract landscapes. Clairvoyant healer.

Sing melodious harmonies, play fiddle and guitar.
Bilingual (French-English). Impassioned by language.

Student-practitioner of Permaculture. Loving life!

Shana Rassner

Send Shana Rassner a message


1401 Jones St.
San Francisco, CA, 94109,

Shel Wagner Rasch

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Contact: Eastside Lab Jam

Los Angeles, CA, 90065,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Teri Carter

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PO Box 241193
Los Angeles, CA, 90024,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Contact Improv and Somatic Movement in L.A. at the SOMA Fest, aka Somatic Movement Arts Festival, Oct 6-11 2009. Also, check out Contact & Connect, a class weaving CI and Continuum Movement in L.A. Apr 12, May 18, June 21, July 19, Aug 30, Sept 13, Oct 25. Teri's a long time CI teacher, Somatic Movement Educator, and dancer leading workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad. Check out and

Thomas Valentine

Send Thomas Valentine a message

121 Oak Knoll Ave
San Anselmo, CA, 94960,

Loves the hybrid of partners dance with contact...

Interested in photographing contact for fine art ci posters...


Send Trish a message


PO Box 170706
San Francisco, CA, 94117,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Tricia Riel..."Trish" has been involved in creative pursuits of all kinds since her first big role as a snowflake at age 5. She spent years in the performance art scene in San Francisco (with "Contraband," "Wise Fool Puppet Intervention," & being a Dance Class Addict to many great teachers... Sarah Shelton Mann, Julie Kane, Kim Epifano, & more. She has training in Dell Arte’, numerous dance forms, Partner-Acrobatics, Theatical Improv, Trapeze, Clowning, Bodywork, on-camera work, & traditional acting. She is the author of “Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze,” she has the most amazing dog in the world, she loves to juggle, and she can write while she sleeps. She also has a trapeze in her living room. Small, but mighty.

Vitali Kononov

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Contact: nonodance Project

1235 Derby Street
Berkeley, CA, 94702,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

WCCIJam-West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam

Send WCCIJam-West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam a message

Berkeley, CA,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

WCCIJAM is a grassroots Contact Improvisation festival that happens every June/July. It is created by us, for us: there will be ample space for participants to investigate, experiment, discuss, present, and above all jam! Whether we are long-time teachers or first-time beginners, the jam is a great opportunity to be immersed in dancing, and gain perspective on the many ways CI is practiced.

West Marin Contact Jam

Send West Marin Contact Jam a message


Contact: Maica Folch

121 coleridge st
San Francisco, CA, 94110,

http://onlu FB page

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.


Every last Sunday, 11 am ? 1:30 pm. $12 -$20 sliding
Point Reyes Dance Palace
503 B Street. Point Reyes Station. Ca 94956

This Contact Dance Improvisation Jam invites participants to explore principles of Contact Improvisation in a beautiful studio with welcoming dancers
Jam Hosts Maica Folch,Cory vanGelder and Christine Renaudin
For more information see pot FB WMCJ page

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