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Adi Brief


Contact: Ponderosa

Gutshof 3
Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

The goal of the Ponderosa TanzLand festival is to create a multifaceted experience for all who join us. We encourage being present with our practical selves as well as our artistic selves. We aspire to give the festival a spontaneous flair, breaking down the hierarchies between professional teachers, the Ponderosa team, the helpers, the visitors, the participants, the performers and the audience member. We encourage people to see the place as raw and ready for attention. Focusing on all aspects of the term improvisation, we hope to give room to our visitors to participate on many levels. There is enough open space at Ponderosa to extend your mental and physical potentials into your wildest dreams.

Ponderosa is a place of constant sourcing of the theories and practices behind performance. It is a place to come out, to show your beginnings. It is a place to trust non-goal orientated processes. It is an International meeting space for the living library of thoughts and ideas that are mixed within the free scene and the professional art world. It is where east meets west along old borders. It was and is, a place that is meant to provide for a large community of people. It has a continued history of infecting its surrounding depressed region with positive growth. It is a place to honor a practice, which is whatever you know that to be.

We are people who know how to lend a helping hand and know how to sit back and be part of the scenery. Encouraged by the beauty and the nature around us, we live with it, take care of it and use it in our daily aspirations. Part of Ponderosa is a ruin, while other parts house families, construction sites and gardens; each part is overflowing with potential. We invite people to use this potential respectively, taking risks with themselves as artists, performers and practical laypeople.

For an extended version of our TanzLand mission statement click here for download (PDF, 32 kb).

Ponderosa e.V. Gutshof 3, 16248 Stolzenhagen Germany


I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Babett Wallek

Contact: Theater Lebend-ich

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Barbara Stahlberger

0178 /6073673

contact for infos
Karlsruhe, 76185,


Contact: Kombinat der kuenste

Klosterstr 14
Friedrichshafen, Baden Württemberg , 88045,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

carmen fischer


contactimpro dresden


Contact: Florian Busch

Lößnitzstraße 17
Dresden, Saxony, 01097,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

contact impro Dresden

ist eine offene Gruppe, mit Ausrichtung auf Ausübung und Verbreitung von contact improvisation.
Die Gruppe trifft sich zum Training und beteiligt sich an events.

Training / offene Klasse

montags, 19 Uhr &
donnerstags, 19 Uhr
im Schultheater, Riesaer Straße 7 in Dresden-Pieschen.


Contact: Bitte geben Sie Ihre Organisation oder Unternehmen an! (optionale Angabe)

Memelstr. 5
Ludwigsburg, Deutschland, 71638,

Elske Seidel

+49 (0) 17624511506

Contact: Elske Seidel

Liberdastr. 14
Berlin, 12047,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

Elske is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for over two decades, CI since 2004.
In her teaching she believes in opening spaces where dance in all its vital magic and play can emerge and simply happen. Her work draws from nature as a teacher and values doing little - slowly - so the experience of the participants can expand into the space she holds.
She is the artistic director of the Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura/ E, Contact Saturday Berlin, as well as co-creating the Berlin Weekend Jam, 23h Jam Berlin, North Sea CI Camp/ GER, Dance Your Questions: CI Research Week for Experienced Contact Dancers, ECITE - European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange (Ponderosa/ GER), CI Training Program and CI Workshop Series BASICS in Berlin & Hamburg/ GER.

Freies Musikzentrum München

089/41 42 47 50

Contact: Yasumin Sophia Lermer

Max-Weber-Platz 2
München, Bayern,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

weekly Jam at Sunday evenings 19.00 - 22.00
at the Souterrain Studio Max-Weber-Platz 2
(Station U4/5 Max-Weber-Platz)
you can reach me at my cellphone 0179/11 99 838 until 18.50
for infomation on special evenings see our website!

Gabriele Koch


Contact: dance-fields

Am Werth 14
Hattingen, NRW, 45527,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

sitting in m quiet country home, listening to the wind outside and the dance inside
letting thoughts drop in and out, memories ...
of other dances in other places, loud, crowded, concentrated, diffent ground and so man different people and smells
(dancer, performer, teacher)

Heike Kuhlmann


Kottbusser Str. 4
10999 Berlin, Berlin, 10999,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Heike Kuhlmann teaches dance and movement for adults and kids for more than 13 years. Just in 1998 I discovered CI when I was taking released based technique classes with Stephanie Maher. Since that I took plenty of classes, workshops with many different teachers. For some years I integrated parts of CI in my dance and movement classes. In 2007 than I started to teach it pureley and name it. I like to combine BMC and Contact Improvisation using the BMC principles for discovering the bodys possibility in movement and expression as well as for repatterning. Still I integrate other bits into the CI classes from my dancer´s and movement therapist background.

On one hand I realized how much a somatic approach helps people to come into a satisfying dance. How much they discover about themselves and what that changes their dance with a partner, but also how much a body awareness gives benefits to their life. On the other hand I am very much interested in the performative and virtuous aspect of CI. So I like to bring in contemporary dance techniques, impro exercises and scores into the classes, so that the participants can artistically express themselves.

Starting of with a university degree in Physical Education and Biology, I studied Dance Pedagogy with Leanore Ickstadt and did my MA in Choreography. For the Diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy (DiplIBMT), I studied deeply Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement.

2011 I worked as dancer in the piece „On the way to immortality“, was part of the Organization of the first Global Water Dances Berlin and the PHYINXperformancesalon.

In 2010 I taught at the Easter Improfestival in Göttingen and at Transcontact in Cluj Napoca.

In 2009/2010 I was invited to the first Contact Festival in Florianopolis, Brasil.

I also create my own performances. In our last colloborational we worked work on weather and climate change. This was shown in Berlin, june 2009. The further development of it was shown in May 2010.

javier cura


I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Javier Cura

Contact: Javier Cura Workshop

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Javier Cura is an argentine american multidisciplinary artist. He has dedicated himself to the Fine Arts creating several art exhibitions of objects, sculptures and installations. He has performed, directed and created drama shows in Argentina, Colombia, USA, Italy and Indonesia. He’s been teaching drama, physical theatre and Contact Impro in England, Italy, France, Germany and Argentina. He’s been invited to teach and perform in the International Contact Improvisation Festivals in Orvieto(It) and Freiburg (Ger) and at WCCIF(USA). His last piece that merges tango and contact impro in a physical theatre context was presented in Prague’s Dance Theatre “Farma Festival”. It was also presented in Italy (Terni), at the “Travolgente Festival” (2007), and in Argentina(2008).



Contact: Ju

Jessner Str. 41
Berlin, Berlin, 10247,

Kalimah und Karunesh


Contact: embodyjoyplay- fluidbodies

Munich, Munich, Bavaria,


I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Katja Engbrecht

0152 5 175 15 77

Contact: Katja Engbrecht

Hamburg, Hamburg,


I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

There is a weekly class & jam in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, currently on wednesday evening. Please contact me in advance so I can tell you the location and time (sometimes changing). Musicians are very welcome.

Laura Bleimund

Aschaffenburg, Bayern, 63934,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Nadja Schwarzenbach



I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

Norbert Pape

Ralf Jaroschinski

I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

I love the fact that contact improvisation can be approached from a variety of angles. In my way of facilitating this amazing form, I try to pay tribute to this by including somatic parts, technical elements, predetermined pathways, themed and also more open improvisation scores into my classes. I make sure the participants get time for integrating and dancing on their own and for actually improvising. I try to direct their focus to certain aspects which enrich and contribute lastingly to their contact improvisation practice. In my life, this form has had such a deep impact because of this continuous adventure that it is for me, and in class I enjoy creating the space and the opportunities for the participants to experiment and discover the riches of contact improvisation for themselves as well. (Ralf Jaroschinski)

Renate Müller-Procyk

00 49 (0)761 21777477

Moltkestr. 14
Freiburg im Breisgau, 79098 Freiburg, Baden Württemberg,


I am a Contact Improv Teacher.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.


I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.


Stephanie Maher


Contact: Ponderosa e.V

Gutshof 3
Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg, 16248,

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

Ponderosa e.V/Germany Summer 2010 announces:
> P.O.R.C.H.
A three month intensive pilot project inspired from the last 10 years of international collaborations and the networking of ponderosa artists. Moving onward for the next 10 years!.
The program is guided by a professional team of curators and faculty active in the creative and performance fields from various countries. In 3 one month long modules it presents a diverse training ground for a new or continuing perspective in performance and improvisational life practice.
The Program May to August 2010
P.O.R.C.H. Training Module May 24-June 20
(in collaboration with Kathleen Hermesdorf of The Alternative Conservatory with weekly Guest Teachers).
Re-educating bodies with respect: focus is the body in motion/release based techniques, intensive movement training.
P.O.R.C.H. Performance Module July 5-25
Full participation in all ponderosa TanzLand workshops while committing to performing inclusive & spontaneous actions/events throughout the public sphere of the festival.
P.O.RC.H Choreographic Module 3 Aug.15-Sept 12
Each week will be facilitated by 2 choreographic teams with 2 hours of group offerings per day, then individual non structured working time to deepen your own artistic process. Group/ solo study & feedback sessions, ending in a performance opportunity.
P.O.R.C.H. offers experience and interaction for professional-level engagement with the following teachers
Kathleen Hermesdorf & Albert Matthias, Nancy Stark Smith & Mike Bates, Peter Pleyer, Stephanie Maher, Maria Franscesca Scaroni, Dag Andresson, Tove Sahlin, Frank Willins, Pipaluk Supernova, Jen Polins, Saliq Savage.
The program is limited to 20 people. please send a letter of interest and cv.
P.O.R.C.H Mission Statement
Artistic Director Stephanie Maher -P.O.R.C.H Stolzenhagen (in collaboration with Kathlee

Sunday Jams Berlin


Contact: Sunday Jams Berlin

at, Neue Rossstr. 4-5, 10179 Berlin
| [U2] Maerkisches Museum, (S7,3,5) Jannowitzbruecke, [U8] Heinrich-Heine-Str.
Berlin, Berlin, 10179,

I am a Contact Improv Teacher and Jam/Event Organizer.

The Sunday Jam Berlin is a jam session for contact improvisation and dance. All fans, the curious, beginners, enthusiasts, professionals and friends of free movement and contact improvisation are welcome. An event with space for relaxing, dancing, flying, getting in touch and enjoying in central Berlin.


Die Sunday Jam Berlin ist eine Jam Session (von englisch jam: Jargon fuer improvisieren und session: Veranstaltung) fuer Contact Improvisation und freies Tanzen. Alle Fans, Neugierige, Anfaenger, Liebhaber, Profis & Freunde der freien Bewegung und Contact Improvisation sind hier herzlich willkommen. Eine Veranstaltung mit Raum zum Entspannen, Tanzen, Fliegen, Kennenlernen & Geniessen im Zentrum Berlins.

Thailand Contact Festival


Contact: Zuzanna Bukowski

Ebertystr. 6
Berlin, 10249,

Thomas Artmann


Auf der Schleide 95
Bonn, 53225,


+7 9775428274

Ainmillerstrasse 7
Munich, 80801,

Hello, iam Vi
I will be for a while here around, I am interested in CP.



+1 415 318 9700

Contact: Brian (Brie) Butler

Rehhecke 50
Ratingen, 40885,

Yasumin Sophia Lermer

0179/11 99 838

Contact: Atelier 14 "BEATI NOI"

München, Bayern,

I am a Contact Jam/Event Organizer.

This member can host out-of-town jammers.

The weekly Jam in Munic takes place every Sunday evening from 19.00 - 22.00
at the Dance Studios of Freies Musikzentrum, Max-Weber-Platz 2


Swirly Motif

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