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Below are some interesting CI related articles that I've stumbled upon in my browsings. 
Also for more articles see the following websites and magazines:

Articles in Russian:


"Contact improvisation comes of age", Elizabeth Zimmer, Dance Magazine, 6/04
This gives a great historical perspective and includes bits of interviews with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, and others. Elizabeth Zimmer, the dance editor at The Village Voice, studied CI herself beginning in the 70's.

"On Balance", Anya Kamenetz, The Village Voice, 11/02,kamenetz2,40295,1.html
An account of Movement Research's 11th annual Improvisation Festival, with historical background and interviews with participants and organizers.

"Unpacking the Taboos of Touch: Touchdown Dance's 'Tact'ful Approach", Josephine Leask, The Dance Insider, 8/02
This article chronicles Touchdown Dance's approach to movement. They are an integrated company of sighted and visually impaired dancers in London, started by Steve Paxton and Anne Kilcoyne in the 1980's.

"My Rise and Fall in Contact Improv" Mark Pritchard, Too Beautiful (Blog), 1990
An extremely cynical and jaded timeline of the author's involvement in CI and his personal journey in the dance form and the community.

"Touch Dancing", Robert Ackerman, Philadelphia City Paper, 2/99
A non-dancer author asking the question: "What's contact improv?" to the organizers of the first Contact Improvisation Festival in Philadelphia in 1999.

"Contact Improv Celebrates 25 Years", Anna E. Hiller, The Oberlin Review, 2/14/97, Vol. 125, #14
Written at Oberlin College just before the big 25th Anniversary celebration was held there.

"The Contact Duet as a Paradigm for Client/Therapist Interaction", Adwoa Lemieux, Spring 1988
This Thesis was written for an M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy at Naropa Institute Boulder, CO. The Hypothesis: "The therapist/client interaction in a dance therapy session in many ways parallels the interaction in a contact improvisation duet. The contact form provides a rich source of resources for the dance therapist." Very personal approach to the subject. Includes historical perspective, case studies, and an extensive bibliography

"Assisted Levitation or the Dissolution of Gravity", Dieter Heitkamp, Cologne, 9/98
A presentation on the concepts, methods, and techniques of CI, and a report on a series of workshops titled "School of Sensitivity" that Dieter conducted as part of a choreographic project series entitled "The Yves Klein Trilogy", Choreography based on research on this French painter and conceptual artist.


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