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Welcome to www.contactimprov.com, an online world resource for Contact Improvisation. Currently, the news articles below are items/events of interest which I gather or write several times a month. Please feel free to submit your articles for publication review or suggest links that you think I should share here. Come back often as I continue to add new features and information. Enjoy exploring!

- Moti Zemelman



Beautiful Video filmed at the "In Touch festival" in Goa, India, 2012

In Touch video

In Touch video

Dancers Tarot Flier

Dear friends, fellow artists, and dancers,

I'm so excited to share with you my latest project! Since I began to photograph dancers, I've had the vision to create a deck of tarot cards with photos of dancers to represent the archetypes (using Contact Improv and Authentic Movement as approaches to finding genuine expressions of the archetypes.) I've been incubating the idea, researching, and trying things out, and I'm ready to start working on the first 22 images—The Major Arcana. It's quite an ambitious project and will require an investment in time, energy, and money. Right now the financial side is where I need your help to get things going.

Please go take a look at my page on Kickstarter:

Thanks for any support you are able to offer! Even a few dollars helps. There are various incentives for the different pledge levels - at $50 and up you get a copy of the entire deck of 22 cards!

In Gratitude,
Moti Mark Zemelman

Selections from a Contact Improvisation duet with Martin Keogh and Neige Christenson, filmed in Waltham, MA. Music overlay is "Sangye" by Kirby Shelstad.

Kirk, spock, mccoy and uhura beam down to uncharted planet in paxton-stark-smith quadrant and discover human-like race of contact improvisors. DNE 2008 Skit, Written and Directed by Peter Heller:


Check out Collin Leach's Aquaticontact underwater explorations :



Documentary from Easter Improv Festival:
What is Contact Improvisation?

Quartet in the rain at CI36

Quartet in the Rain, CI36 from Nathan Wagoner on Vimeo.



Commitment creates freedom.
When you commit to a movement,
you make it with your whole body.
When you commit to a feeling,
your passion will give power to your message.
When you commit to a dance,
your feeling reaches beyond your limitations.
When you commit to your path,
give yourself over to your way of growth, Magic happens...
obstacles get out of your way, mountains lay down before you,
the sky opens up above you,
and you will find yourself transformed.

- Aziza Sa'id


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