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In Paris , Île de France , France.

From 02/01/2014 through 02/01/2019.

Teacher(s): Guilhyan Schirck

I work or have crossed the artistic adventures of different companies, as for example: the Artonik (Marseille) company or I dance and still currently plays.
performer for the "companie Off" (laps) for seven years.
     Dancer for the company Emmanuel Grivet. (dance improvisation) choreographer for the Atro Teotr company '.
     Co-founder of the association "Incidence" for the practice of CI of the C.I was Rennes and Bretagne (in collusion with "Eponyme" in Nantes.
Watching two contact-dancers we could say easily that the point of contact is the keystone of a living, moving and dancing building made of by the two dancers.
But this travelling point of contact can only be right, rich, and nice if the basis are fully awake.
What are these basis? Simply opening our senses allows us to receive and give. Thus, we create a relashionship based on confidence and trust with the other.
The point of contact as a keystone, our body as an arch and the centre, the legs and feet as columns to raise the building of our dance.
How from head to the feet, from the Earth to the sky, with my senses, I established a relationship that makes sense for me or my partner for a better travel .

We will share a lot of games and exercices to let by and through the body and the movement.
After this first step we will continue to explore the flux of our danse with another tool : the kinesphere.
Our kinesphere, its volume, its lines, its dynamic. We will discover how it can simplify our link to the movement and infinitely feed our dance - and how and why to make the volume of our kinesphere more dense or on the contrary make it more porous...
It is also the source of the spiral, that organizes the inner movements of our body but also of the spiral of the two dancers that highlights travel our duo...
Open our senses with ease in order to receive and give. Creating a relationship of trust and fun with each other

Contact Info: Guilhyan : 0665085475

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